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Automated planning

The tool that allows you to plan automatically work shifts to cover your demand and comply with legal restrictions and personal of each employee.

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1€/Month per employee

icon Costes

Costs management

Analyzes employee’s costs, and it generates data that help with the decision making regarding hirings, estimations and deviation's analysis about staff plannings.

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1€/Month per employee

icon Presencia

Time control

It complies with the daily work hours from the system that adapts the best to your necessities and generates reports in a click for a legal control easy and trustable.

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1€/Month per employee

icon Presencia

Queue lines/ tasks management

Manage efficiently your employee’s tasks; plan them automatically according your demand or allow your clients to request the services they need directly regarding the availability of qualified employees.

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1€/Month per employee

More than 500 companies manage and do their plannings with aTurnos


Frequently asked questions

aTurnos is a system used by companies of all sectors and all sizes; from 60,000 employees to 10 employees. Our tool has been validated for clients with different necessities and, besides, we have more than 10 years of experience in the sector. We have more than 100 customizable restrictions, hundreds of configuration’s functions and use of the system. Finally, Gartner recommends aTurnos between the best tools for planning and staff management in their market guide, click here to learn more.

In aTurnos we have a manual to consult any doubt about processes or system’s functions. Furthermore, we have a consultancy and training service you can request here:

Consultancy and/or training requests

To hire aTurnos you can: register and subscribe with our subscription automatic system by credit card. You must choose the employees and you will manage and plan, as well as the type of plan (Standard or Enterprise, monthly or annual) and the additional features you need. Moreover you can hire aTurnos through bank transfers (with annual contract) , to do so you can write an email to

To know what functionalities and features that includes each plan and feature you can check the following link:

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If you manage and/or plan more than 100 employees, you can ask for a budget in the following form:

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