Integration and Servers

Connect the API with any other existent system in your enterprise


API. Employee 2.0

Total integration system with the employee

In big companies we are based in two pillars: Integrations and servers. Integration allows us a quick interconnection with the existent in the company in both senses from our API. Servers offers different work architectures depending on the client's demands.


aTurnos has an API to integrate Payroll systems, ERPs, RRHH systems or any third-party systems dynamically and transparent to services. These integrations with the existent systems are immediate thanks to the Rest services technologies and JSON that are implemented in aTurnos. The client has a Token generated by aTurnos that allows them to recover safely the information through the defined interface. The specification of this language is only available to our premium clients and for each feature that aTurnos integrates. The methodology is simple, with the user identifier and its token generated, the third-party clients’ systems can recover and insert data automatically according to the functionality presented in the API.

All the presentation layer of aTurnos to their clients in the Web or other environments uses part of those services to offer the third-party system cohesion with aTurnos. The aTurnos API is dynamic, so we are continuously adding new services to the new requisites we implement. If you consider interesting adding the service to our API, please do not hesitate to contact us. We attach the last API version

For example, the task feature allows to identify employees’ availability with specific characteristics to offer appointments to clients. The company wants to maintain their App or Web and the aTurnos use should be completely transparent. Clients log in in their system and start to do reservations. Those systems already developed by the client asks aTurnos’ API about the professionals availability to do reservations and analyze availabilities. The following image details this example.

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aTurnos has different technical solutions .depending on each client the implementation demands of each client. Technical demands attend to specific requirements regarding the client's architecture or the integration demands with own elements. The different solutions available are:

  1. aTurnos Cloud Users access directly to aTurnos from and can use all the capabilities available in the premium version of aTurnos. All of that includes unlimited access, all the defined functions in the aTurnos engine, support assistant via mail and 24x7 functioning. The main advantages are: The client forgets about servers and maintenance, It includes all the default functions of aTurnos, which means the 99% of the demands in the shifts workforce management. Moreover, aTurnos has Además, aTurnos dispone de interfaces para comunicarse con los sistemas existentes en la empresa como las herramientas de nominas o de gestión de recursos humanos para realizar integraciones y actualización de datos.

  2. Servidor propio. El cliente dispone de un servidor dedicado con el motor de aTurnos. Esto permite una personalización total de la herramienta incluyendo: estilos de cliente, logos, colores, un blog del cliente, iconos personalizados e información directamente publicada en el sistema. El usuario utiliza una herramienta de gestión de turnos con el Look&Feel del cliente entrando en una dirección definida por la empresa, por ejemplo Esta solución permite añadir funciones específicas a la solución dependiendo de las necesidades del cliente. Se puede definir un proceso de consultoría por parte de aTurnos para analizar las nuevas funcionalidades que cubren las necesidades del cliente. Después, un desarrollo a medida puede ser integrado en la Web de gestión de turnos de la empresa. Además, el cliente tiene funciones de administración del servidor y un acceso directo a los datos. En este caso el soporte podría ser gestionado por la misma empresa, gracias a que aTurnos suministra herramientas para esta tarea.